With two rival factions fighting ferociously for territory and assets, can their balance be maintained by the Fulcrum of War?
Saturday, May 6, 2023
Coles Family Farm Airsoft Field is located at:  492 River Road, Dayton, Maine, United States
08:00 Parking lot opens; Participants gear up09:00 Check-in tent opensThose who arrive after 9:30 a.m. may not participate.10:00 New-player orientation10:15 Gear inspected; Guns chronographed10:30 Field insertion10:40 Game briefing at Pond10:50 Factions strategize at starting locations11:00 Startex16:00 Endex; Debriefing at Pond
Event TypeObjectives = scoredRole-playing = lightTimeline = nonlinear/unscriptedRules = intermediateTrigger time = heavyPhysical exertion = moderate
Admission per person, paid on site:  $20
Required ItemsBarrel cover on each airsoft rifleCash or credit/debit card for admission & extrasFull-seal eye protection (ANSI Z87.1) with a strapHard plastic/metal lower face mask for <15 yearsPortable hydration (at least 16 fluid ounces)Red rag (at least 1 square foot)Signed 2023 Waiver unless you already gave oneWristwatch with stopwatch timerDetailed Required Items linked HERE
Field RulesAge minimum = 12 yearsFPS limit = 400fps with .25s (1.86J)Bolt-action limit = 550fps w/ .25s (3.51J) & 100’ MEDFriendly fire counts.Gun hits count.Safety kills are optional.Noise grenades eliminate everyone in the same room.Explosive devices have several restrictions.More Field Rules linked HERE
Semi-Auto OnlyFull-automatic and burst-mode firing are prohibited at this event.  Only one BB is to be projected with each cycle of the trigger.However, we allow the following exceptions to this rule:
Hit & Respawn Rules
Details linked HERE
FactionsYour faction will be determined on game day based on your experience level, your friend group, any local airsoft team affiliation that you may have, and our faction size goals:
Recruitment: open to allSize goal: 40% of all attendeesFaction type: primarySelf-respawn: Fort CampbellProvided insignia: blueRadio channel: 1 (462.5625 MHz)Goal: earn the most minutes by endex
Recruitment: closed (invite-only)Size goal: 20% of all attendeesFaction type: secondarySelf-respawn: east corner of West FieldProvided insignia: greenRadio channels: both 1 & 2Goal: get the other factions to tie at endex
Recruitment: open to allSize goal: 40% of all attendeesFaction type: primarySelf-respawn: Fort BraggProvided insignia: goldRadio channel: 2 (462.5875 MHz)Goal: earn the most minutes by endex
Radio CommunicationIf you have a two-way radio, keep it set on your faction’s radio channel.  You may not monitor or transmit on the other factions' channels unless you are Fulcrum who many use both channelsVOX mode, hot mic-ing, and channel jamming are all prohibited.  Please familiarize yourself with your radio and program in its channels before arriving at the field.
No TreasonYou must remain loyal to the faction that you are currently on and not betray them, because any form of treason will break this game.  Each Fulcrum member must remain loyal to Neptune or Saturn when they are wearing either of those faction's patches.
Restricted Spawn-campingYou and your faction are not allowed to stalk, surround, or fire upon the opposing faction's permanent self-respawn location.  Likewise, they're not allowed to camp your permanent self-respawn either.  However, self-respawn flags at forward operating bases are vulnerable to attack as described below.
Forward Operating BaseAfter the operation begins, Neptune and Saturn may establish a forward operating base (FOB) at any location of their choice within the area of operations (AO) that is at least 300 feet away from the other factions' self-respawn locations.  To do so, they must stick a special "FOB RESPAWN" flag upright in the ground that will serve as a second self-respawn pole for everyone in their faction.  However, at any time, an opposing faction may come through and deactivate it by simply laying it down flat on the ground, but it is not allowed to be moved or hidden by the other factions.  There is no limit to the number of times a FOB flag may be raised up or taken down.  Any live player on the faction to whom the FOB flag belongs may move it at any time throughout the operation, and there is no limit to the number of times it may be moved.  At startex, Neptune and Saturn will each have a FOB flag at its permanent self-respawn location that is ready to be moved.
ObjectivesNeptune and Saturn are competing with each other to earn the most minutes by endex.  There are a total of 2400 minutes up for grabs during this operation with 1800 minutes from Territorial Conquest plus 600 minutes from Missile Acquisition.  Meanwhile, Fulcrum is not allowed to earn any minutes for themselves.  Instead, their objective is to fight with or against Neptune and Saturn as needed in order to get those factions to earn as close to the same number of minutes as possible by the end of the game.  Any difference of 100 minutes or less between Neptune and Saturn will be considered a win for Fulcrum.
Shifting AlliancesIn order to keep the scores balanced between the two larger factions, the members of Fulcrum are expected to temporarily join the ranks of either Neptune or Saturn at different times.  The commanders of Fulcrum will monitor the score and direct subordinates as needed which includes allowing the Fulcrum faction to be simultaneously split either partially or evenly among the other two factions.  Prior to startex, each Fulcrum member will be given a set of patches for each of the other factions that must be worn when allied with them.  Fulcrum members may not switch patches without permission from their commanders and may never do so in an abrupt or deceptive manner that may give them a positional advantage over an enemy.  When they are wearing the patches of one of the other factions, Fulcrum members may respawn themselves at the permanent and FOB self-respawn sites of that faction in addition to their own.
Fulcrum shifts from side-to-side to prop up Neptune and Saturn for balance during the war.
Territorial ConquestWith the exception of the tactically inserted elements described below, each faction will start at its permanent self-respawn location.  Neptune and Saturn will fight to capture and hold the largest number of control sites for the longest period of time before the operation ends at 16:00.  There are six control sites located at Adams, North Peak, Main Bridge, Valley, Drum, & Bigfoot and are marked with green flags on the following map.
Flip & RadioTo capture a control site, you must throw your enemy’s flag on the ground and replace it with your own as shown HERE.  There’s no limit to the number of times that the flags may be flipped on a control site, but you’re not allowed to steal or hide the flags.In order to begin accruing minutes for your faction on the control site that you just captured, you must also use the Baofeng radio that is located at the control site to notify Game Control of the flip.  Any delay in radioing the flip will delay the accrual of minutes.  Each faction’s minute accrual will be started and stopped on Game Control’s smart phone.  Everyone with an internet connection may monitor the scoreboard in real time through this URL:  https://multitimer.net/board/?q=9jzu0saadp
Behind Enemy LinesJust prior to startex, up to five members of Neptune and up to five members of Saturn may be tactically inserted separately by Game Control at secret locations well behind enemy lines to allow for deep flanking maneuvers after startex is called.  Each of these locations will be revealed to its respective faction commander on game day.
Area of Operations (AO)
For an interactive map, click HERE.
Missile AcquisitionThe primary factions are also tasked with crossing into enemy territory to acquire missiles.  Neptune must search the northern half of the AO to recover three locked missiles and deliver them to their launching table located along the southern tree line of the Valley.  Meanwhile, Saturn must search the southern half of the AO to recover three locked missiles and deliver them to their launching table located along the northern tree line of the Valley.  Prior to startex, each commander will be given the codes to unlock the three missiles that they're going for.  Unlocked missiles may be taken and moved by any player but must remain within the AO at all times.  Once placed on the launching table each missile should be locked to it so that it can't be stolen by the enemy.  Each missile on their launching table at endex will earn 100 minutes for the respective faction.
LeadershipSince you care enough about this event to have read this far down, please consider requesting a leadership role.  Details linked HEREFor this event, the CO and XO must also have a smart phone with them that is set to the URL linked above.  Verizon works decently well at Coles.
Swap MeetYou are welcome to buy/sell/trade your airsoft equipment at this event.
Our Commitment to YouThe field managers and event producers will follow through with this operation regardless of the weather.  We are fully committed to delivering everything that we advertise and greatly respect the sacrifices that you make in order to attend our ops.  Your opinions and improvement ideas are valuable to us, so please share them.
This event was produced by Omego.  If you have any questions, please ask!